OST called me after I "started" not even finished and submitted the application online.Which was my first red flag.

Then when the women called me and told me they wanted me to come in and meet the director and said that I'm no more then a half hour away, I'm thinking to myself "I never put my address on the app" so that was red flag #2. Then like any responsible young adult I didn't some googling and doing this site and many others with complaints galore! Then checked the BBB (better Buisness burrow) and these jokers aren't even registered. They have a rating of a C+ but they are not accredited.

Please people don't trust this company. It's the same M.O as John Robert Powers and Ipop. Give them your money if you want to but the better choice would be to get your own photographer, get cast into student shows and get reconized in your own area THEN...get an reputable agent on your own. FYI agents and managers take only commission, they never ask for anything up front.


Agents take no more then %10 and Managers take %10-15.Do your research and don't be a victim.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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New Jersey, United States #968041

Cant wait to give my friend a call and let him know what I just found out..might be a lil to late cause I was there to support him on his "2nd interview"...

glad I found this site b4 it becomes thousands of dollars..

sad ppl mess other ppls dreams to make or steal their money...thanks for the post...

Mountain View, California, United States #917346

Plus one supposed woman went above and beyond in her review about how one source is the saviour.I posted a comment to her review and asked her post proof.

Like maybe some pictures of actual documentation and what not.Never happened.

Mountain View, California, United States #917345

I believe your post. The red flag for me was how all the reviews here that say all great things about one source are OBVIOUSLY phony reviews created by one source to up their rating. Those phony fake reviews always just seem to jump out at you.

to ***edthe***off Atlanta, Georgia, United States #974287

i completely agree they seem really phony and considering all reviews are not good it would just seem like One Source is coming in and adding reviews to make themselves look good. My husband applied for this company and we were pretty sure it was a scam but im now a hundred percent convinced.

Long Beach, California, United States #904676

I really appreciate you posting this information. It saves a lot of us parents the frustration of being lied to and taken advantage of

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