I sent One Source Talent of Irving tx a photo of me and they called back the next day! I had to arrive by 6:45pm went into a room filled w/others, the director was a woman named Diana w/a strong accent, she sounded like a scam and not professional at all but who am I to judge.

Diana then explained everyone will not make it. They called my name to take a head shot & tell a little bit about myself. The woman name was Elizabeth, she then told me to come tomorrow at 3:30pm. I arrived, spoke to Elizabeth & she stepped out for about 20-30mins, came back & said they would love to work w/me.

I was excited until she told me I had to pay $495 & the $40 was not included. I've heard many times you should never pay up front if they want to work w/u.

So I left & they told me they will not hold my paper if I do not pay by the next day. Now reading these comments I realized they told everyone yes but split them up in times so no one will see everybody again!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: One Source Talent Photo Shoot.

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I'm glad you left! That sounds like a scam! Just like what they said on Good Morning America!


This is definitely true what you said. Now, I am getting different offers from them. Total scam

Duncanville, Texas, United States #951938

Yes they told me the same this to the tee. They are a scam, and only and only a fool will give them there money.

If your reading this do not fall for the trickery.

They want to work with you to take your money.

There is no return on your money. Just tell them no and walk away.


I had that same experience with my two boys at this exact same office . They were told yes and to come back on Monday only for the gentlemen to step out to discuss a few things with his boss and decided only one of the boys would go on and then asked how would I be paying the $495 we left. I felt like something wasn't right

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