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i was called by one source talent and asked to come in for an audition. i was so excited i couldnt believe it was happening.

i drive 3 hours to chicago with my mom and get sent in a room where we have to sit there for 2 hours with a ton of strangers who were probably as excited as i was. then we get called into groups of 5 and they measured us and i noticed right away that the girl didnt even write down the right bust or waist sizes for me. then i had to go sit down again in the room for another hour when they called me to talk to this woman who was chomping on gum and asking me questions like if id be willing to travel i said yea, but it was my senior year of high school and they knew it. then she asked me to come in again in 2 days and my mom said i could miss school that day.

we drove got an ipass and we drove 3 hours and this company knew how far we lived they got me a contract and said they would like for me to be a model for them and again all my dreams were coming true. then i had a friend studying to be a photographer and he took a bunch of really great pictures of me and i brought them in at my 2 week meeting with a girl named whitney and she said they werent OST material. my feelings were hurt because everyone loved those pictures and so did i. she sets me up with a photographer in chicago and its going to cost 700 dollars and we had to put a 200 dollar deposit in too.

my mom was not happy at this point, but she still did it. the shoot was awkward and i hated it there were about 8 other girks there he had a loft apartment and that is where it all took place make up artist did my hair and no make up and no one would talk the entire time!! it was soo awkward and creepy i hated it! and i was there for 6 hours with no food or anything and theye were sitting there eating and drinking in front of me.

i got to leave and i went home and got onto my OST page and the pictures were up and they were so bad. he took some where i was in the middle of blinking and i looked really ***. i couldnt believe how dumb i looked. I never got casting calls and the company said i needed to be sending my stuff out but im pretty sure that is why we were paying them 40.00 a month.

i talked to my parents and told them i thought it was just a joke and i had them cancel my account. im not doing ANY modeling now but how can i trust another company?

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Okay but it just seems like they didn’t like you.. stop getting butthurt and putting down a company because they don’t want you.

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Wow... OST been sending me emails for interview but lucky now I saved myself some time and money not going to meetings. :?


I JUST GOT A CALL FROM THEM ALSO. They invited me in on Saturday.

I believe every word you have said. Places like this are the reason the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY get's a bad rep! God will get back at them for deceiving you baby. God bless you and f*** them!

I am a singer/dancer btw. Here is my fan page.


I googled nickelodeon auditions and a page came up with all the audition listings from all different channels and I was interested in getting a role on a new show with one direction. They said to post a comment and let them know if I was interested.

I did that and then it said to casting calls, click here. I filled out the application and one source agency called me saying that the office director wants to meet you for an evaluation.

Its tomorrow. Now I am scared, I dont know what to do?


hello peeps, today is march 8th 2012, i just returned back from OST company or u can call it OFFICE, its my 2nd interview

First it was an ad on backpage.com, i wanted to give it a try

The same day they called me and someone sound very strict about the requirements and have to be on time, no snicker, have to look professional etc

When he started to talk i interrupted hime from the first minute and told him : SORRY BUT BEFORE U CONTINUE I HAVE A CRITICAL QUESTION, DO U PPL TAKE MONEY FIRST ... i swear his answer was (NOT EVEN A DIME).

i appologized to him and said plz go ahead continue..

i went the following day for interview in (HOUSTON) 5225 katy frwy, suite 200, we were like 40 ppls waitng in a room WITHOUT AC, we were all sweating, and their solution for that was just appologizing that NO AC, but all the other rooms were having AC, u can tell by opening the door cold air comes inside.

Anyway, i filled application they took my measurments, they told me to come tomorrow which is today, i just returned back (pissed off), why? they asked me to pay $500 plus $40 every month, the contract says PROFESSIONAL PHTOGRAPHY NOT INCLUDED.. that price was for 10 digital composite card and 1 photo slot and resume, updating the website


sorry for my english, am new the U.S and am from Egypt

Take care ppl


I can't believe there scammers. Maggie Lee emails me everyday telling me when to step an appointment, but now that I am reading this I'm def not going to even talk to them just ignore them.

This should be illegal. Most of the people theses days don't even care about young children dreams getting crushed.

My friend mom, when her mom was little, went to a modeling service and they took her photo and ended up putting it in a magazine, embarrassing her, by putting rude captions, and make her face messed up. Someone needs to sue theses people.


Just FYI I am not lying about my job. I will not post it for you though I don't need some creeper looking at me just so you can believe me.

If you don't it's fine go to another agency I adore John Casablancas and the big agency is Paige Parkes but you still have to pay with both.

I wish everyone luck in their career. I am still young.


Please people don't be ***, read into the "good" reviews, got fake all in them. People say they got jobs?

Well then post them so they can be verified, BS to this company & those that say they work for them, these idiots pay their staff to write good reviews, they are short and fake, come on use common sense, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY IF AN AGENCY Wants you! In NY an agent gets you the headshots at their expense, if they want you they take care of the expenses, their pay is your commission if hired and they work their fingers to the bone for you. The only drawback with any agent are the "cattle" calls you go on to audition, where you will find dozens of kids and moms doing 5-10 minute auditions. If picked you may go back 5-6 times and then you may not6 get the gigk but if you do and get just 1, your on the road because now you have a gig under your belt, not easy, you have to be ready to go on a minutes notice.

It even came down we got a call, had to pull our daughter out of school, drive to NY and then taxi to the audition, total 5 hrs., then you wait! Don't be fooled by these and other agent scams.


Just so you know you arnt paying them $40 a month so they can submit you it's for your website to stay active. I'm with them and am on

A show.

My friend has been in a music video and future photo shoot. They do not pay me to post this that's insane.

You do have to submit yourself that's what I've done and have been requested to be places. If you want an agency most require $1,000 and take 15% of check and you still have to audition of course.


PS, I also have heard that they pay someone to go onto websites and write good reviews about them. And they also pay them to create fake success stories and fake aduitions.

Most of the adutions were for reality TV shows too.

Like the ones on MTV, CMT, VH1, and E! Just *** worthlesss stuff that most people make fun of.


how do i post pictures if I cant post links...?


Im sorry I havent gotten back to you. I will post the pictues my friend and I did together and I will post the ones by GoykPhoto.

If you go to Alex Goyk's website his pictures look phenomenal but the ones he took that day are nothing compared to the website ones, and everyone else that day had the same pictures, he made us do the same backgrounds, poses and everything. ***.


This is not at all the experience we have had. They have been friendy, welcoming and very helpful. My daughter got a music video after being with OST a month.


OST called me so many times to bring my daughter in for an interview. I cancelled 2 X and I finally went Monday 01/16/2012.

The staff are not friendly and they are not child friendly as well. They asked me to bring my daughter for a second interview and I did not go back. I dont feel confortable with this company. My daughter is only four and the funny thing is as soon as she turned 4, OST started calling non stop.

I will not be going back and dont have that kind of money to give away. I am not bashing them, but I just did not feel the connect betwen them and my child.


I find this very interesting as they also called me this evening and asked me to bring my daughter for an interview. I told them I would have to schedule at another time due to the fact we live 3hrs away and are going to get a snow storm.

I also wanted to check out the company and see exactly what they are all about. I know I have read somewhere that a true company wont ask for money.


My daughter has an appointment this Wednesday as well. Should I cancel?

I can always go and if they try to sucker me in, I can always tell them to find someone else to sucker. However, it is a very long drive and don't want to upset my daughter?!


I would like to see the pics too. I was contacted by them and they want my daughter to interview wed.


Could we take a look at this work of yours, and the work of the "professional" photograper they sent you to?

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