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One Source Talent aka Nine9 Talent Unagency A LAWSUIT HAS BEEN SETTLED:

"Talent listing service would have to pay about $1.6 million — including cash and services — to resolve a case affecting thousands of former clients under a class-action settlement preliminary approved by a federal judge in Los Angeles." - LA TIMES

The company, One Source Talent of Troy, Mich., charges people a monthly fee of $40 (along with $249 set up) to access a database of audition and employment opportunities in the entertainment industry.

One Source Talent is now Nine 9 Unagency. If you want to be charged money by people with a history like this, proceed at your own danger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Contact Attorney Jeff Wilens at Lake Shor Law Center

lakeshorelaw.org He is suing them and Scammers

Explore Talent.


I read about this, Where can i find settlement information? Looks like they are now charging $495


Took my daughter today they want her to come back monday for a second interview ...they also said during their little presentation it would cost 499.00 with a monthly 40.00 for service fees ..i thought real agencies didn't cost $$$


i taught for one source talent. i enjoyed working with new young actors. the company paid me .i really can not say good or bad about this company.

to Anonymous #1428248

contact jeff wilens at lakeshorelaw.org he is the attorney suing them.

He can help you get a Refund


How do i get in with this lawsuit!?

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1283814

Looking to be part of this lawsuit

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