one source talent is now nine9 modeling and acting! still charge people, same company. 99 models charges money. i would not trust and run, same old company. nine9 models is just a new name for old company. they want you credit card now, everything weird.

if one source was so good why change name to nine9 to confuse people. do homework on these people. they tell you what you want to hear, tell you to come into office, and call for phone appointment.

when you apply to one source talent nine 9 than call you. seems odd. wanted daughter to come in, never again.

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to Anonymous Hurst, Texas, United States #1201309

I went to the interview and they asked me for money I am already a payed model and agencies are not supposed to ask u for money. I've been in several commercials in the past I have a polo shoe at Sears and I didn't need to pay an agent money at all.

9nine tells u what u wanna hear then make everything look legit until they ask u for your money and u think their actually promoting u when their not and if u pay more money then they set u up for fake gigs that call u to say their the ppl when their not then turn around say their cancelled and then after they get enough money out of u or they think u fig it out they tell u they are relocating . Lies

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1218671

Hey anonymous, my name is Taylor I work in customer service at our corporate location. I would love to review your portfolio for you, maybe we could work something out!

If you are interested please send me your comp card along with your acting resume, if you have one. You can send it to my email at taylor.mcauliff@nine9.com


Scince the first appointment they asked for money.all they said was cash or credit and then they asked if we had the payment on us aTRUST ME ALL THEY DID.


My sister went to john casablancas and it was awsome not bad some really important people went to the last fashion show and my sisters best friend got a huge deal . And my sister herself did too as a model of clothing but did not accept it because she just started senior year.


They sent me this email, just think its weird they made an appointment and haven't even seen my pictures, im glad that i read that they ask for payment, i would never pay for that, so glad im not driving there.

Your invitation number is **** and please arrive about 15 minutes early. Also remember that any talent under eighteen years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

We are located at: 1250 East Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite 603 Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 If taking 95, it is best to get off at exit 18 (Hallandale Beach Blvd) and head towards the beaches. You will cross over Dixie Hwy and Federal Hwy. Our building is on the right just after the entrance to Gulf Stream Park.

It's a 13 story tan building (the only tall building around). Premier Fitness has a large sign near the road so we are easy to find. Parking is in the rear of the building. For specific directions, Google maps is usually very accurate.

A few points to remember: Dress to impress in something flattering but be comfortable.

Jeans are okay but avoid sneakers. Keep hair brushed but natural with little or no product. Punctuality is important. Relax, be yourself.

When your opportunity comes to shine, stand out with a positive attitude and professional behavior.

We look forward to meeting you!

Good luck! Nine9

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1217021

Hello anonymous, my name is Taylor I work for the customer support division at our corporate headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan. At your first appointment we take pictures and measurements of you in office.

I feel like you missed out on a lot of vital information by not attending. Please feel free to check out our amazing talent success stories at, iamnine9.com

to taylornine9cust.care Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1224859

I recd email from them when stating they like my look and if I can schedule a time that I could have a over the phone interview

They called me she interviewed me over the phone stated she had photo but the photos were from approx 3 yrs ago when they were source she stated that I would have to pay 39.95 on a credit card today or pay in person $495 she was giving me a discount to pay over the phone I told her I was not confortable giving my CC

Info over the phone then she said well have a nice day and call ended I think this is a complete scam

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1225368

Hey anonymous, if you are not comfortable giving your card information to this company that's your choice. We are not going to force you to do something you don't want to do.

This company is not a scam, we provide a service to all of our talent that joins. We help models and actors develop themselves in the entertainment industry so they can be successful.


My daughter has an appointment today but a friend told me don't do it it's a scam, then I come here and see these reviews so idk...I would rather keep looking for other agencies than to risk wasting my time with nine9.

to Anonymous Hollywood, Florida, United States #1188137

Yes I had an appointment today also, my soul said do your homework girl/ am so glad am not wasting my time or gas. Am That girl and I will look for another agencies before I work with them

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1112087

I've been with one source talent for a year ..... And I immediately was signed for a magazine. They were very up front with everyone.

to China #1370513

did you have to pay up front


Don't Do It !!!! They told me a story about how a actress got her role(I won't say who) but they lied about how she got it, & I know this because I know how the actress really got it. They ask for too much money and all they give u is a picture you take WHEN they call you back.

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1218723

Hey anonymous, my name is Taylor I work in customer service at our corporate location. If you want to view some other examples about our talent that has been successful you can check out their awesome talent success stories at, iamnine9.com


You aren't even speaking English. Why would we trust your ignorant unintelligent review?

to Anonymous #1211571

Wtf that gotta do with anything ppl want info on the company and you judging a person off how they type!!! Typical sad *** and if you wanna kno who I am and from just ask!!!!


Nine9 unagency charges you $249 plus a $40 monthly fee.

Run far away!

They changed the name because of a huge lawsuit.

IF you are a former talent with One Source Talent or Nine 9 contact Lake Shore Law for settlement information.

The main office is located at 2653 Industrial Row Dr, Troy, MI 48084.

Models and actors please don't fall prey to this.

to Anonymous #1109075

Sounds right to me, I had a interview at the main office lastweek and it just seems like they wanted my money so bad, I'm not going back there.

to Anonymous #1134919

Thanks for letting me know before I traveled there and they scam me I wish I would have known this before I sent in my info

to Anonymous Detroit, Michigan, United States #1218678

Hey anonymous, my name is Taylor I work in customer care at our corporate headquarters. I urge you to attend your first appointment, so you can receive accurate information about our company.

There is no charge to you during your first visit, also no decisions will be made until your second appointment. Feel free to check out our talent's awesome success stories at, iamnine9.com

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