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Around mid-March I signed up with One Source Talent and like many others here, reluctantly paid 495 + 39.95.Although this was ridiculous, I was asked back for a 3rd "interview" and the so-called "talent coordinator" was trying to force me to pay for their photographers, which was in excess of $400.

So, before you get any jobs - if you get any jobs - you're are out nearly $1000. Since I could not pay for this, I was sent home; yet the interview states someone would look over my resume and cover letter. This never happened, which to me indicates a breach of contract. By the way I went to the Miami one and live about 2 1/2 hours away.

In the meantime, I researched the company in depth, which I should have done before I went. I read every consumer problem on this website. Also, they are not with the BBB as of January 2011 and they had a C+ rating previously. There is another site that asks if this is a scam and a lot of people commented on that site saying it wasn't.

I know for a fact that those people or most of them are employees or managers of the company. I decided to give them a chance so here is what I proposed. The show Burn Notice is set in Miami and I really wanted to get on the show. So, I said if you get me on Burn Notice, I will be somewhat satisfied.

She said she would definitely check. While she was checking, I signed up with 2 different actual talent agencies who I paid ZERO dollars for. Within 2 days, I was asked to be on the set of Burn Notice and I was. So, when I returned home, I emailed the manager and asked if she had checked for me.

She said that Burn Notice started a week ago from the day I was on it. This I know was not true as I was on the first day of the shoot. I have all the emails saved in case I want to get a lawyer. She also mentioned she submitted me to the Glades, which is also shot on location in South Florida.

The other agency I signed up for for free also submitted me to the Glades and I was accepted to be on the show. I have already received my check from Burn Notice minus the 10% agency fee. So, here is the problem with OST. All they do is what you can do yourself.

They submit you "supposedly" but they say if a director wants you they will call you. They are also making you pay for their website, which simply gets most of their castings from realitywanted.com where you can sign up for free. A Real talent agency sends of your photos (you don't necessarily need a comp card) to the producers and directors and oftentimes they tell the agency to send people of certain characteristics to them. In other words the agency decides to send you, then you simply follow instructions to whomever you need to report to on the set.

It is VERY EASY to become an extra, which is by far the best way to break in the industry. Since OST is NOT an agency (although I was told it was) they DO NOT have rapport with directors like a real talent agency does. I have never acted professionally until I was on the set of Burn Notice. I was given a name of an agency by another extra.

This agency sends me work at least twice a week. OST is border line legit, but definitely very corrupt. It is okay to pay for websites like exploretalent because you are paying them for audition information and I know for a fact they call producers to check if the producer is legit and how much money you will make. Given this, I did not mind the 39.95 from OST because it is a monthly website fee and many websites do do this so they can run it; however, the 495 fee is absolutely ridiculous.

With all this said - Have they given people jobs? The real answer is yes. BUT - these people submitted themselves, paid lots of money, and few, if any, have gained maximum exposure.

In other words, they paid 495 + 39.95 + 400 or more to submit and market ON THEIR OWN by clicking a few buttons on the website.As most actors and actresses say - never ever pay up front.

Monetary Loss: $534.

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I have returned here in late June 2016 to see if I missed any comments.I will soon create a youtube video on how to "break-into" the acting business.

I still get daily emails from my agancy.In the meantime go here to see legit agencies - http://thetravelingtravelagent.com/becomeamodel/


Thank you for posting. I probally saved myself Time and Money. will you send me a name of an agency that doesnt charge?


one source talent is a scam - i had no problem paying for photo's, we were going to get them done anyway, but i did have a problem paying the monthly fee - which they told me was optional - that i

didn't have to pay it. as soon as we stopped paying, they canceled his profile - every audition they

sent him on, was for unpaid work - after awhile, he stopped going to auditions because they never


Crown Point, Indiana, United States #909173

what was the name of the company you ended up having success with? I have been getting calls non stop from ost but really want the success that you've had without any issues... mind helping me out?

Thank you


What agency did you use and would you recommend them?


Where did you go to get signed up for free ?

to Anette #885350

Originally, I signed up with backgroundacting.com, but I don't think they exist anymore.While I was on the set of Burn Notice, I networked and another actor gave me a website called perfectextras which is now called Talentdirect.

They are based out of Miami, but are now international. You can also use central casting in LA and NY. You can call them and ask about their sister companies in other cities.

I have had 100's of people over the past few years ask me many questions.Soon, I will create a blog on my site explaining exactly how to become an actor / actress / model.

Miami, Florida, United States #836249

What is the free agency you had work with? That would be great to know.

to Anisa #836575

Central Casting out of LA and NY. Direct Talent out of Miami.

to takinit2u #885351

Sorry it is Talent Direct not Direct Talent.

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