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I went in there for an interview, and I made it through both first and the second one. They told me that I was marketable. And they told me that $495 will cover getting the comp card, and there is $39 fee monthly to be a member. So me being very interested in being in the acting/modeling industry, I signed up. I should have known better than to get into this mess.

So they scheduled me with this thing called a Photo Shoot Appointment. Like most people, I thought it was the real photo shoot session, I tried to call and them e-mail them about what to prepare. I got no answers or replies back even on the day of the appointment. So I tracked them down for over two weeks to talk to them about the appointment. After tracking them down (this lady name Tamara answered), I found out that it was just a meeting about what photo shoot packages they have. (I was so glad to track them down and find out that it was NOT the actual photo shoot because I live two hours away from their office.) She said that there are two photo shoot packages. First one is $495 and I will have two different looks, and the second one is $1,000+ for four different looks. And she wanted me to get the $1,000 package because it suits me better. Well I told her that I already paid $495. AND SHE TELLS ME THAT WAS ONLY FOR THE COMP CARD. And she said that the info was in the paper work. They are very shady with the way they do business. I don't remember them telling me that when I signed up. (They explain the paper work and they read out loud for you.)

The day of the second interview, they did take some pictures with a regular cheap digital camera to just have a picture of me on the website. ANYONE CAN TAKE THOSE KIND OF PICTURES EVEN THREE YEAR OLDS. Those are the worst pictures ever taken in my whole life. So I'm trying to run from them and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Anyone have any experience with this company dealing with my kind of situation? HELP!! I lost almost $550...and $39 additional for this month. Any suggestions?

Review about: One Source Talent Photo Shoot.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1216940

Hello, my name is Taylor I work for the customer support division at our corporate headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan. Please contact me with your talent ID.

I would like to look into this issue to assure that everything has been resolved! You can contact me on my personal line 248-220-6531

Hope to hear from you!


Yes! I have a suggestion!

Oh man they are so shady! That's ridiculous! So here's what you can do if you really want to not run into this again, Don't be an ***. It's as simple as that.

Have a good day my dear and for once in your life, make some good choices. By the way I'm 14 years old.

There you go. I bet you don't feel so high and mighty now.

Jefferson, Georgia, United States #1011670

If you are paying to join a talent agency it isn't a talent agency! The get paid by the companies they cast for or get a percentage of your salary after you get the job!

Join backstage. It has a monthly fee but gives you real info on what's happening casting wise in your area!

It's real name there is a small monthly fee. They sometimes waive that for students who are members of SETC.


I went in and totally knew it was a scam when he said $495 and $39.99 every month....DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!!! You should NEVER have to pay up front!!! They should get commission on any job you book therefore they have an incentive to get you work!!

to Mamataughtmebetterthanthat #986205

Report them to the BBB




Oh wow Thank you, I'm so not going to this appointment today, smh

Riverdale, Georgia, United States #764743

You all scared me off..... We are cancelling tomorrows appt.


I went through the same experience. I haven't got a call or anything.

I paid that money next thing you know my pictures was ugly and my account was shut down. If u find out any information on how to handle this plz email me @ shekenia_b@yahoo.com

to kema #1309341

They got me too. Did you have any luck?




Decatur, Georgia, United States #734229

It's a wonderful thing to have a dream and nothing at all wrong with going after your dreams with all of your heart. It's a warm feeling to believe that someone who has experience is actually willing to help you to reach your dreams.

The truth is, if you are not willing to invest in yourself you should not expect anyone else to invest in you. Here's the truth about the whole matter. You must use wisdom even with following your dreams. There are dream stealing predators out there just waiting for little lambs like you to come along.

Always, before you pay a penny into a company, pull them up and research them. NEVER let anyone rush you into paying for any services and ALWAYS read what you are signing. You may even, if you don't understand, get a lawyer or someone else to read over contracts with you.

As far as MODELING AGENCIES go....if they really want you, they will pay for you.

They will have the means to take the photos and submit them for you. They will understand that they will make their money back off you.

It should never be the other way around. So if you paid for something like a servicee and you find they "got you" pursue getting your money back legally and next time research...research....research.

Houston, Texas, United States #711883

That happened to me as well I got ripped off and that day I read reviews about them and called my bank and they still had problems till now. Any help with them If I dont get it back soon I will send their information to the news team and expose these people

New York City, New York, United States #641733

One Source Talent is a service for the fashion and acting communities. One Source Talent maintains an interactive database of models, actors and clients looking to fulfill creative requests and needs. The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.

Created in 2003, One Source Talent has quickly found success in an extremely competitive industry previously dominated by a select few. OST operates in major markets nationwide including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Washington D.C., Detroit (Corporate) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York.

With its unique business structure, advanced technology and a dedicated staff, One Source Talent is quickly changing how the modeling and acting worlds conduct business.

Talent with OST enjoy...

Real-time access and submissions to nation-wide castings and auditions, an interactive composite card for all digital and traditional submissions, a personal email account, industry workshops, 'Meet & Greets', a commission free environment and a benefit program utilizing select businesses in each market.

Clients of OST enjoy...

A searchable database of talent with detailed characteristics, a commission free service, a detailed talent evaluation process to ensure they are getting dedicated professionals and a corporate staff with years of industry knowledge and contacts.

We are fortunate enough to have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of success stories (and growing daily) with just as many satisfied clients from extremely well-known names to small, independent firms (and growing daily). One Source Talent has made our mark and continue to strive with focus, vision and the desire to put client and talent's needs first.

Contact One of their 14 offices for more information.

to Nope2344 #645525

what a miserable job! lol ost workers has to track down all these consumer complaints about them and lie again after lying to those aspiring ppl...

to Nope2344 #911914

what about the $400 though? Your website EXPRESSES how free your services are.

New York City, New York, United States #641139

hey gabs how did you get yout money back?

to dave #685354

I called up the corporate office! They so many BBB complaints too it's not even funny.


Notify consumer affairs and file a fraud complaint and then call you're news station, they would love to do an expose' on them....and don't beleive that they are not writing positive reviews, even past employees have said they did that.


All those *** counts prolly came from OST workers that was told to do so lol :p

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