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I went into the Atlanta, GA office tonight at 7 pm for my interview. After getting there, I realized that about 50 other people had a 7 pm interview as well. Well I signed in, then walked to a large waiting area with the other 50 people.

The secretary put in The Devil Wears Prada, and we watched it for a few minutes until Stephanie the office manager came in and told us the whole history and other facts about OST. They mentioned the "four ninety five" but not the 40 a month for maintenance. They also talked about "Diamond White"-- some client of theirs who got some jobs. So I go back there, gave the lady my resume. She looks over it for literally five seconds, then tells me that she thinks I am marketable.

Then right before the interview is done, she says that I will have to come in tomorrow, and that tomorrow is "final decision day". She goes on to say that I have to have the $500 tomorrow, and if I don't I am just wasting their time and she will have to reject me on the spot. I told her "thank you", then ran out of there with no intention of returning tomorrow.

I am not saying this company is a scam, but I do not think it is worth it. A real agent gets paid commission off of the jobs they get you--what is the incentive for the agent to find you jobs if you are going to pay them anyway even if you don't get work? And a lot of people are saying that this place really isn't an agency--well if you are truly serious about becoming an actor then you need to get a real agent, not some company that will help you "get your foot in the door."

I just don't think it is worth it when you can go to a legitimate agency and they can do MORE FOR YOU than OST for a lot less. And this is what I want to do for a career. I just graduated from college with a B.A. in theatre, and I have a background in theatre--but this place just isn't for me.

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I was there yesterday for a 1 o'clock interview. They did mention the 495 which I cnt afford up front but never mentioned the 40 dollars a mth.

I have a 2nd interview Monday but I'm not going. This is just like John Casablancas they are so similar its scary!!

Wendy Wonton

Wish I had Googled this company before i wasted my time. LOSERS!


I was there that night as well (I might have seen you)...anyways, they told me the same thing once I had a chance to speak with someone. And they also offered me a 2nd interview for the 'so called' final decision.

Well I kindly went in for the 2nd interview today and the situation was still the same

no neogiations.Their motto is "pay the money upfront for your expensive photoshoot or forget about be signed with us".

One Source Talent is a scouting company

that charges expensive fees for a photoshoot first and then puts your photos

on their online database for bogus castings that are beyond your level or are simply no good.

I'm glad that I kindly walked away

and kept my $495.00 in my pocket.

Cheers to being smart!

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