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I had a phone interview today with Dana Patterson. I scheduled it for 11am and she was late in by a few minutes in giving me a call.

It all started okay she asked me a few basic questions. Dana asked for a few of my pictures which I submitted in advanced, not sure if they lost my initial pictures. She then put me on hold to review the 2 photos i sent. After my wait she gave me the good news that I am what they are looking for.

It all seemed good at first and my expectations were to meet her in person or at least visit their establishment. She upfront asked me for my credit card information so that my information will be up for castings. I mentioned to her that I needed to sit down with my father to discuss the opportunity. She then threw things in my face along the lines of oh i thought you said you were ready to move forward today.

OF COURSE anyone will be ready to pursue their dreams, but you cant expect for someone to give credit card information over the phone. I found it extremely unprofessional. Her reaction to my response was what really shocked me. She stated that she has other people to call and pretty much had no time for me if i wasn't ready to make a decision on the spot.

I would NOT recommend Nine9 The UnAgency to any of my friends and family. In my opinion it sounds like a SCAM.

Product or Service Mentioned: One Source Talent Talent Agency Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Scam, Service, Upfront cost.

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People who have had professional training and advice knows that companies like these are a scam. NOBODY SHOULD BE REQUESTING MONEY FROM


Agents get paid based off your booking. Nine9 thinks they’re doing something by claiming not to be an agent” which indeed you are not, but then.. What are you exactly??? Real casting directors would not even converse with a non credible source like Nine9.

It makes no sense. Stop scamming people, and people STOP FALLING FOR THE OKE DOKE!


These people are a big JOKE!!! one source non talent!!! Horrible


They are fraud I had a horrible experience with them myself with my son.. then I took a friends som to the new place in which I don’t know name has switched up Nine9 and I immediately took him out that building once I saw the lady with the raggedy weave AGAIN!! She is fraud fraud fraud!

Moline, Illinois, United States #1247930

It is a scam....Do not give them any money!!!!!

Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States #1240612

We're sorry you feel this way. We were very excited about working with you and had previously set up all the necessary measures to get you started that day.

We thought you were ready to obtain your marketing materials.

I assure you we are not a scam. We do exactly what we say we are going to do for you and have our corporate office looking out for your best interests.

Much like every product you buy, you will pay for first. If you would like to speak to someone else about this we would be happy to have a different representative call you and explain to you the things that you seem to be confused about.

to Nine9Cares #1338128

to charge upfront cost plus a monthly fee....SCAM

to Anonymous Troy, Michigan, United States #1338137

It's okay that you have confusion as to what our company does. Saying we are a scam is just a baseless accusation and the fact is, we simply are not a scam.

We charge for a service, we create marketing materials for you as soon as you sign up. You are then able to use the materials right away!

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