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I just received a call from them about my son's application. I have never heard of them and never sent an application.

My son does have 3 other agencies that "represent" him. He's only 3 years old, so none of the agencies make us sign any agreements with them. We also have never paid any fees. They have all created comp cards for free.

They keep his pictures/comp card online and their clients have access to choose the models they want. They set up auditions for free. One of them has a fantastic photographer that they use, but you're not required to use him. You can submit your own pictures or use your own photographer.

My son has had 3 different paid jobs through these legitimate agencies in the last 3 months. They keep their fees from what my son is paid and then send us a check. Do not waste your money with any company that asks for money up front!!

And then monthly fees too?? It was the Detroit/Troy location that left a message for me.

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Just curious, what companies do you use? Would love to use them instead of trying to figure out which ones won't rip me off. Thx!

Covington, Georgia, United States #1282112

If you don't mind, can I please know the agencies that you use. I'm really tired of these backdoor "agencies" or "unagencies" trying to swindle people out of money.

I have had plenty contact me and all wait till the 2nd or 3rd meeting and hit you with huge fee asking for credit card info.

No ma'am! Momma didn't raise no fools and I know plenty people in the industry and they will tell you no one is supposed to ask for money before booking.
Detroit, Michigan, United States #1222479

Hey anonymous, my name is Taylor I work in the customer support division at our corporate headquarters. Since your child is involved with certain jobs it might have also been a casting that we are affiliated with, that may have been the reason you were contacted.

We do things a little differently then agencies, that's why we don't take a percentage of our talent's earnings.

We also have recommendations for photographers that work with our company as well, but it's not mandatory that you use them. If you would like, I can remove your contact information from our system.

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