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I used to work at One Source Talent. It made me feel horrible that all these people were being lied to and taken advantage of.

No matter what the situation is they will accept any $ even if you promised it to them 8 months from now.. The company itself was very unprofessional and even made their employees sign a waiver stating that they could no divulge any information known about the company once employed. HONESTLY, having seen it from the inside I urge anyone that has an appt to CANCEL! Their only money-hungry.!

The office director is a total ***, she has no respect for anyone in general even her employees. I am just as mad as all of you are because working there not only ruined my integrity i had to sign away my morals as well. Scamming people into making them believe this is what they have to do to get exposure? BS!

I'm sorry to all those people I had to lie too while working there!

So if you have an upcoming appt cancel it tell them to stop calling and harassing you and you'll save yourself a huge headache in the future! Karma is a *** and when she comes back for these people especially {{Redacted}} and her little *** *** sister {{Redacted}}, dont worry they'll get all thats coming to them Gd luck all you people who are trying to make it in the industry.

Monetary Loss: $495.

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Yes! I worked there too. They only pull ads off craigslist


scam they pay you, you dont pay them, be carefull dont go to one source talent scam, all they want is your money they will take anyone in that will pay the fee


:( This is a big big BIG scam! I am telling you do not go to any interviews!

I did some research on this telephone number that has been calling me a lot and everyone online says its the talent angency from newyork! They also state NOT TO TRUST THE ONE_SOURCE_TALENT angency! They are a big fat lie! some people paid them $495 and are still paying them every month but I believe there is a way to get out of that I'm not sure!

The point is they are money-hungry scumbags who rip people off asap! Keep your money in your pocket and your butt at home! Do not go to the interviews dont waste your time. Tell them you are not interested.

If they call back tell them to stop calling or you will file a complaint to the police okay! Whatever you do dont sign any contracts okay just dont do it!



im so mad i didn't know that a place could only want money, my name is Selena im new at all this, this was my first time trying with an agency and i basically got my heart all pumped up for what...a lil website that you could get for free!

i did the appointment and everything. They even got me to pay 497$=537.. i thought it was gonna be great i was so happy, BUT then there was a turn over, in my head i was thinking i guess u have to give alil to get more back.

but there was something wrong. once they put me behind closed doors. i was scared. *BAM*

the photography is 600$ wtf..i just paid half of a thousand dollars right now . Now your telling me i need to hand over 600 ..*uh there's a reason i wanna become a model , i need money. and what better way to get money easy is by doing something you love. * ONE SOURCE TALENT IS A BIG FAT SCAM and i fell for it. not anymore honey. im getting my happy *** a lawyer cause about an hour ago i found out they took 39$ out of my account. i don't care if it was 5$ ima suing there ugly *** wanna be Model fakes!


They said i have an appoinment on monday but i dont know wether to go or not. I think i am wasting my time and that OST is a scam.

i am canceling tommorow thanks everyone for your your comments.

this has to be real because everyone that post coments says that they make you pay $495 and 40 dollars a month thanks for tell ing me ahead of time. this is full of ***.


I'm currently with One Source Talent, and God, the place is a dump! They're very pushy and unproffessional, not business-friendly at all.

I'm going to talk to my mom about getting me out of there, fast! Thank you so much for your help, I won't be wasting my time or money!


the company is definitely suspicious...i went along with my cousin we were both told to come at the same time for an evaluation to see if they like us...get there and its 50 other ppl there including whole families auditioning together..they had us in a room watching "the devil wears prada"anyway they had the director come in and give this LOnnng speech about the company and the "dorito kid and commercial" during the speech she was very perky so much so it was fake...like she was in character and as soon as she was done speaking her whole demeanor changed her face changed into a very serious frown...she was clearly annoyed and rushed out of the room...i thought that was really odd...but i remained there i also noticed half the ppl there did not dress as we were instructed but came in flip flops and shabby clothes after they adametly told us to dress to impress...and they all STILL GOT CALL BACKS!!...not one person was turned away everyone there got a call back....afterwards my cousin told me line for line what they said to her in her interview...IT WAS LINE FOR LINE THE SAME COMMENTS THEY GAVE ME!...on the ride home i felt something wasnt right...especially after they mentioned $495.00 to get started...i have a friend in the industry and she told me beforhand if they ask for money RUN!! ...im def not going back they keep calling and emailing me.....TOO MANY ? marks hovering over OST...ill pursuit my dreams elsewhere


One Source Talent is a service for the fashion and acting communities. One Source Talent maintains an interactive database of models, actors and clients looking to fulfill creative requests and needs. The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.

Created in 2003, OST has quickly found success in an extremely competitive industry previously dominated by a select few. OST operates in major markets nationwide including Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit (Corporate) and, of course, Los Angeles and New York.

With its unique business structure, advanced technology and a dedicated staff, One Source Talent is quickly changing how the modeling and acting worlds conduct business.

Talent with OST enjoy...

Real-time access and submissions to nation-wide castings and auditions, an interactive composite card for all digital and traditional submissions, a personal email account, industry workshops, 'Meet & Greets', a commission free environment and a benefit program utilizing select businesses in each market.

Clients of OST enjoy...

A searchable database of talent with detailed characteristics, a commission free service, a detailed talent evaluation process to ensure they are getting dedicated professionals and a corporate staff with years of industry knowledge and contacts.

We are fortunate enough to have hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of success stories (and growing daily) with just as many satisfied clients from extremely well-known names to small, independent firms (and growing daily). One Source Talent has made our mark and continue to strive with focus, vision and the desire to put client and talent's needs first.


***..I am on the bus on my way to evaluation.

I'm glad I read this now. I'm gonna save my time.


Thank you so much for posting. My son applied on line to this place.

They called and he was thrilled. I modeled for years in N.Y and LA but I am older now and I forgot all the BS.

They called and said we had a private interview this Th in Beverly Hills I am so glad I am not wasting our time. I am keeping my sons precious dreams alive and pressing forward and following Tyra Banks advice thanks!!!


i have an appointment tomorrow is this all true?


wow...I'm glad I did some research...I had many calls by these representatives and I started to get excited but I knew something didnt feel righ. Now I know why.


I got a job there as a receptionist my question is am i put on a contract to work with them? they made me sign a paper stating that I could not work with their competition but I didnt know if this ment i was on a contract. Yesturday was my first day and i did not like it at all can you pls answer me this thank you =)


OMG.. Thank god I did my homework on these people before I signed anything.

I just got back from a meeting with them in NYC. I thought that was a little sketchy how they wanted me to pay $495 up front and then $40 a month after that. I could tell something was wrong just by the look on one of the girls that works there. She had that guilty face lol..

I am never going back there again.

Good thing I didn't sign that contract!! =)


Thank you so much for this post. I got a call today for my daughter, for an appointment in Beverly Hills on Wed. I will be cancelling it tomorrow!


Thank you so much, I told my mom to block her card. Bless you, let god take you above.

I will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, use One source talent again! You are right they are BS!


Yes, thank you for the truth from the former employee of One Source Talent, GOD will bless you for that. I recieved an email out of the blue re: my son, 5yrs old saying that they recieved my application online.

It baffled me because I never filled out an app w/OST at all but I remembered 2yrs ago I did fill out some stuff for him online and sent his professional headshots in, so I figured they just got it from that. Anyway, I call, setup an appt and we go to the first appt. where your put in this room with a lot of peaple and they come out and explain how the agency works. Im like the other person that commented, never did I hear them say anything about you MUST bring in $495 if you are asked to come back.

Ok, they call our name, they ask us to come back, also never in that office with the so called talent specialist did she say bring in $495 on the next appt, which she set me up for the 3rd appt for the very next day. Ok, I go to the 3rd appt today and they call us in and THEN they ask for $495, I told her I was not AWARE befor hand to bring in any money. YES IT IS A HUUUUUUUUUUGE SCAMMMMMMMMMMMM people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes they are RUDE as ***.

My first appt the reception area was RUDE. Any way like Tyra Banks always says, if an agency is interested in you they will pay you and they will handle EVERYTHING, you should NOT pay for anything. Good Luck everyone!

We cant give up, just keep pushing and if God blesses us to do this, then it shall be done, the RIGHT way. One Source Talent should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #175591

thank you so much for telling me this. the place looked so fake, ppl were so rude.

you don't pay for it! wow.

onesource sucks. :(


I gonna cancle cause the lady on the phone had an atitude with me when i was asking a question, i just thought to myself whata b****! so im not waisting my money and my time. ;)


I took my daughter and sister on sunday well I taught it was real but when they told my sister she have to pay $495 just to sign up and after word $39.95 every month I still dnot understand why so I decided to check for fraud and I found so many stories about the company I dicided not to send my child their.

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