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I was with my family in the mall and a woman came up to us representing One Source Talent. She complimented my daughter's look and gave us a card indicating the time and place to bring our daughter in for a complimentary modeling and acting workshop.

We walked into their office and met with Ms Sanabell Billan. She made statements such as, "I do not take just anyone." "Your look is so unique." "I will train you and have you working within weeks." "I will book you for next week. They are looking for a young talent for this commercial".

What got my suspicious is that Ms Billan promised jobs even before any pictures of my daughter were to be taken. In the end she tells us that we would be charged upfront and that the photos/modeling would cost us around 1,000$.

As we arrived home I did some research with my husband and what we found out was a total nightmare. This firm is a total scam and so is Ms Billan who has a cemented reputation as a *** artist.

DO NOT LET HER *** YOU! She will tell you story after story after story, promise after promise after promise. None will come true. You will get scammed if you do any business with her whatsoever. She'll just take your money until she can get no more. She paints a good picture and she will paint it to your daughter as well as to you. BE AWARE! SHAME ON HER!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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