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They talk a good game, but there is never a touchdown. I have made several appointments to discuss why I paid out all this money & have been promised on difference times through out the past 5 months that they are submitting me for casting etc.

When I call them to do follow ups on why I have not heard from any one as they said I would, I get voice mails and promises that some one will return my calls.

Still waiting......

They do not return phone calls. I am in the process of cancelling and out alot of money.....

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Don't trust them AT ALL. In this industry, promising means red flags everywhere!

I had to deal with them too (I should never have bought into their nonsense), but I got all my money back. They never return calls or anything. They may not be legit scammers but they play really dirty. You may get little bookings and such, but you will never go far like they say.

This company is no good what so ever. They suck.


I went in for an appointment at 6:00pm on January 28th, 2012 and they told me that they were going to call me on the 29th at 5:00pm for a final phone interview...They called at exactly 5:17pm and said that they wanted to talk to the parent or guardian that took me to my appointment on the 28th...well my mom, the one that took me there, left for a buisness trip today(29th) and so I gave them her cell phone number and they said they would give her a call....She was on the airplane when they called so she did not hear her phone ring at all....Naturally, she did not answer her phone so she missed their call...she left them a voice message but they told us on Friday the 28th to be prompt and NOT miss the call..I don't know what's going to happen...Will they call back at all???? I need answers...PLEASE.... :?


I'm so glad I looked at these reviews. I went Thursday they told my daughter to come back Friday for an final interview.

Some told me to call Friday and of course kept getting the voice mail. Then they decided to call me I answered they were trying to confirm the appointment. And I said "if I don't have the money today should we still come for the interview." The lady said if we find her castable they were going to want the money right then and there and that they wouldn't like that me not having the money right then and there. So they cancelled the appointment and said to call back when I get the money.

I don't think I will follow this company after reading these reviews. Thanks


Witch ost is this cuz i went to the one downtown


I am suppose to go in for an appt on Monday with OST and they said they want to hear more from me. Well after reading these it doesn't sound very promising that I'll come out with auditions in line for me. Do they just take your money?


Was with OST for over a year and didnt get ONE legit casting call. All I got were cheap emails from these so called "Casting Calls" but there was never any way to look into these auditions. No contact info...NOTHING. Plus, some of these "casting calls" were gross like soft core ***..ect.ect

Ummmmm WTF????

When I paid the 495 "sign up fee" I basically paid for the crappiest pictures ever, taken in a dirty clothes closet. These pictures were called "Comp Cards" which were explained to me SOOO rushy and frantically by the girl who was interviewing me that I had NO idea what she was talking about. Apparently these pictures were my sample pictures to put on their website, until I get professional pictures done. Their website is cheap. Their employees are not professional at ALL. I stayed with them for a year and angrily let them take 39.95 per month out of my checking account. Each time I saw that charge, it would make my blood boil! FINALLY I get enough sense to just CANCEL with them. It's really easy. All you need to do is fax your "talent ID" to Nancy Mezy and let her know that you want to CANCEL. She will email you and let you know that you will no longer be charged the monthly fee. THANK GOD! I am SO over them. A good lesson learned though; always ALWAYS do your research before ever paying an agency. I just KNEW it was fishy the first day I signed up with them. The entire drive home I was sick to my stomach and couldn't believe what I had just done! Don

t be like me and whaste your money for an entire year with this SCAM!!!!!!!!!! Please! DONT SIGN UP WITH THEM AND CANCEL RIGHT AWAY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE! the $495 is gone but you can still prevent the monthly $39.95 if you CANCEL ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! Please dont give into this company. None of what they promise you is true. All they do is take your money and send you FAKE casting calls. TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN THERE, DONE THAT AND KNOWS BETTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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