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Idk man if I'd say their a scam, I've been with them close to a year and I receive emails from their clients and 9Nine emails every morning when they post up new castings that I can submit to. 9Nine has classes too so that's an added bonus honestly. Classes are too much money. I don't regret it at all now. I'm paying for this and backstage. Plus I can print out unlimited headshots so if you knew the cost of that, that alone is a bonus. When I... Read more

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How is it that they are still in business when everybody knows they are a scam. All you have to do is Google it and you'll have your answer. But for those who are new in the industry don't know enough to Google them They are just happy that they are getting noticed . I fell into that trap years ago and now I am here to say stay away and sue them if you can. I now work with several agents in New York and have done any amount of commercials, print... Read more

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I have been called by them several times. I have been to at least 10 or more auditions with them. And every audition i was asked for $400 up front and $40 every month to keep my profile going. To me this is a scam. Read more

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Im 14 and I got an email from nine9 and it said that there are alot of oppurtunities for my age. I sent a message to them about if it was legit but no reply. So I dont know what to do about it? Should I finish the survey or leave it? Read more

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They pulled 3,000 from my bank account and i had paid 300 for a photo shoot and it was just the secretary and a regular camera in the hallway of the building, i asked for my money back including the 3,000 they took out of my account but they refused to , i never once in a whole year got a casting being with them

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Hello I'm 14 and. I woke up today and checked my gmail and I saw something for Nine9 talent agency and the woman that sent me an email was Olivia Taylor and I just don't feel comfortable with this now after reading a few reviews. Can someone help me? Read more

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You sound like you are working for Nine9. People who have been working in this industry all know you don't pay an agency anything up front. And you heartless people always take advantage of people who are new to this industry and fool them with your so called professioness and you are trying to help beginners, of course you only target on beginners and young kids since they are so innocent and full of passion for their dreams. What goes around,... Read more

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I am preparing to sue Nine9. Anybody with me? 3 days ago I paid nine9 the Unagency $495 a setup fee and $40 for a monthly service fee. Right after the day when I was on a shooting set, I talked to other actors about this, they immediately told me this is scam. They have been actors for many years and they obviously know this business much better than I do. I just started doing acting and that's why I got scammed so easily. I felt so mad after I... Read more

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Nine9 it's the spam I went there today they asked for 500 $ good agency don't do that office looked very pore I could tel straight to way feel sorry for kids and parents

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Hi i have an interview with nine9 they seem legit so what do i do

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