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I didnt have a bad comment Add comment

I dont want more classes for my daughter. I want an opportunity for her to be seen and signed. Shes beautiful. Add comment

First interview was cool but it wasn't really an interview I suspected to have. they didn't ask many questions but they took pics of me and measurements. Got a call back.. Came to my 2 interview. Photo shoot set up and all.. Not many got called back.. Finally got to the back and I'm being told what I would fit into doin such as commercial and advertising then wanted more pics but before I even did the shoot.. Bam some lady come at me with a $240... Read more

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These people arena scam because guess what if they really wanted you THERE WILL BE NO PRICE!!!! In 2013 when they were one source talent I was 13 then, I already knew these people were a scam I did my research online and all I get there and I do my interview and I was all excited like I was about to become a star but in actuality these people were money hungry they were all like you need to buy your headshots and make your compcards as they call... Read more

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I got this weird email a couple days ago from this "unagency" (what they call themselves) I'm not sure if they had one source talent as a name before but it seems like it. Anyway, so I get an email...with my name! Immediately I'm wondering who this person is who stayed that her name was Roxanne from nine9 and how she reviewed my application and wants to meet face to face. Uh, I never signed up to this place so I'm really confused as how she... Read more

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I have been with Nine9 Agency for about 4 months now and have had nothing but good come out of it. They have helped me get numerous gigs and I am actually having to pick and choose what and where I can work...There workshops are great. I actually met one one one with Lauren Hudson who has helped me with monologues... I have nothing bad to say about the agency..its what you put into it.. You have to do some work if you want to be submitted. Read more

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I received a call stating that they were interested in interviewing my daughter. I was half a sleep but agreed to a date and time (03/12/2016 @12:45pm. I asked my husband, who answered the phone, how did they get our number. He did not know and neither did I. Well I received a text stating to type "yes" to confirm my appointment on tomorrow. I Google the address provided in the text and One Source Talent came up with the first link stating... Read more

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A gentleman walked up to me and gave his card and told me to scheduled an appointment for an open audition. First of all, I've done modeling before and NEVER had to pay anything! They changed their name too probably because they scammed so many people. They ask for $1500.00 up front for pictures which someone else told me they paid and never receive their pictures ! TOTALLY scam ! Don't waste your time and please save your money! Read more

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Ok so I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR THIS. But guess what I get an email telling me about some appointment I never scheduled . And guess what?! THE EMAIL HAD MY FIRST AND LAST NAME. And my little brother got one too. HES NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO BE ON THE INTERNET AND HE GOT ONE..TO MY EMAIL....WITH HIS FIRST AND LAST NAME TOO.My other brother got one sent to my email too , and it had his first and last name. At first I was like I was reasearcging modeling... Read more

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If this is really one source it is definitely a scam! I can not believe these *** are still in business! They approached me in the Malle for my daughter who at the time was about 6 or 7 she is now 10! Got there they told me about all their "success " stories and I need pics not looking them up I believed them and payed them about 900 dollars for a photo shoot for my eldest and middle girls! Went back for the pics and got hit with the monthly... Read more

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